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“Common Sense is not common” is the saying we have grown with. Common Sense is critical to the life and it must be common in order to sustain, grow and keep peace.

This is a humble attempt to develop a new protocol of existence. Not new but better and healthier. The new way of thinking, doing, living and leaving.

This writing is arranged into seven major parts- Six Points; and One Out-post. Points are extended in Messages.

Point One with its four Messages is traveling the Common Sense in multiple dimensions, its sources, components and life cycle.

Point Two presents barriers that throttle Common Sense being common practice.

Point Three connects Common Sense with situations of life and their effects.

Point Four responds to Point three suggesting identification and cultivation of Common Sense in macro and micro lives, distinctly and collectively, in remedial and preventive both the modes, also suggesting striking balance between them to reach the optimum. Understanding Point Four empowers to use Common Sense while responding to people and situations. Knowing the right and responding the right are manifestly two different things.

Point Five journeys through the understanding of including Common Sense responses into the behavior. This behavior once learned is not permanent. It takes a lot to stop it undergoing entropy.

Point Six, rummages with the help of many a real stories stopping entropy and upholding augmentation.

The Outpost discourses a genuine conflict of believing my experience or believing the experience of others; along with recounting how these experiences are wisdom and how they are enciphered and deciphered.

Pre and post exercises are attached with many Points and Messages. The pre exercises intend to connect the content with the content within; the post exercises intend to help understand the take-aways. It is good, as far as possible, to take up every exercise. By comparing what has been written in beginning, the difference can be analyzed, the difference before and after the reading; the real take-aways.

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