Dear Friend,

Entropy is as natural as Common Sense. We start doing something; we are enthusiastic about that but one day, we come to know that we are completely out of that or we are connected a little or a very little. Spending hours with this book may also have the same end.


So? Will it not be good to plan the augmentation in response to this entropy? We can make a Comsen friend. Comsen is a self-coined term which is formed from “com” of common and “sen” of sense. A Comsen friend is a friend who is with you in the journey to Common Sense or who is going to learn the concept of Common Sense from you. A Comsen friend is one to whom you report and discuss your Common Sense quest with, and same does the Comsen friend. We can Comsen friend with our parents, siblings, classmates, friends, colleagues, neighbors, spouse, or anybody else. What has to be done is simple. You have to teach and discuss this book with your Comsen friend, on the frequencies you prefer, about what you have read in this book. After you finish this book, sit together, write what you have learnt with this book and e-mail us on comsen@commonsenseliving.in. We would love to interact with you.

Waiting for enrichment!