Message 12: Grand Balancing of Balances

John bought two pairs of shoes, one with thick soles and the other with thin soles.

One day, in hurry, he made the mistake of putting one of each of the shoes on which made walking very bumpy.

John yelled in wonder, 'How strange! How is it that my legs aren't the equal-size today?'

A workmate passing by told him, 'Mr. John, your shoes aren't a pair.'

Hearing this, John ran home to change his shoes.  He entered home and saw the other shoes. He thought for a moment and realized, 'There is no need to change.  These other two are not a pair either. Again the one is thick and the other thin.'

This is a famous Chinese story and at this point, the macro and micro aspects of life are matching with the shoes. If they are not adjustable on the same platform to each other, you won't go ahead. It first requires balancing and then grand balancing. synchronizing micro and macro aspects of life is grand balancing.

Balancing allows the issues and their sub-issues to maneuver in tandem without causing any trembling. That we understood in preceding message. Mis-balance causes jerks in life and results issues into ass.

Grand Balancing consists of adjusting the micro and macro aspects so that they run parallel to each other. It is aligning the both. Grand mis-balancing drifts away from straight line of life goals.