Message 8: Cycles Produced by their Amalgamation

External influences animate internal influences. They form a set of factors or events by which the cycle once started is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention. Internal influences put match with external influences and catalyze the disparaging course of external influences. And same if inverted.

Here, in plain sight is visible that the effects and results of external influences are aggravated by distorted internal influences. Fundamental and crucial is to command over the internal influences and power the external influences with them in entirety.

Three little birds- Dilly, Dotty and Duke lived in a beautiful nest hung high among the branches of an old banyan tree. The father and mother birds kept on gathering food for the hungry little mouths.

Day by day they grew enough to take their first outing out of the nest. First, they hopped to the edge of the nest, then to the nearest branch and then started hopping from twig to twig.

At last the mother asked her children to fly down and eat sand. Dilly and Dotty flew down and began eating sand but Duke refused saying he doesn't like sand anyway. Mother said to Duke:

you must eat sand. Birds have no teeth to grind the food so we must eat sand to grind up the

food. Come and eat sand and you will become strong. But the greenhorn became adamant and started crying. Mother went to her and pushed him out of the nest. He spread his wing and flew to ground and started crying louder there. Dilly came to him and said: you looser! A looser like you will never know how sand tastes like and you will never be strong like me and Dotty. Duke's tender receptacles reacted: I won't eat silly things; I am not like.

The incidence went inconsiderate and forgotten.  The mother, one spring morning, again sinks her teeth saying they might go to fields. Duke was not strong enough to go so far. They started and by the time Dilly and Dotty were far ahead and Duke was left behind. Duke called loudly to wait for him. Dilly replied sarcastically: “eat sand, grow strong and then come.”

Soon all but Duke reached fields.

What a fine time they had! Mother showed them how to get the nicest bugs, worms and seeds; and they bathed in the river to their hearts' content. When they had eaten all they could and frolicked all they wished, they looked and saw the great round sun going down in the West and they flew back to the home tree.

There was Duke under the tree eating sand!

What made him behave in a particular manner and then in another is the amalgamation of internal and external influences he has gone through.

Sometimes these influences put together the forces that make us and sometimes those that smash us. Here the importance of awareness about the internal influences plays very important role. If you are aware of impacts of internal influences then you can save yourself from going through the vicious cycle.

The vicious cycle applies to all aspects of life.

If you are not exercising or making use of any of your body parts, it will start diminishing and you will develop pain or some sort of complication; due to that you won't exert it and the cycle repeats and brings terrible results.

We all have left and right brains and we prefer one over other. If one prefers left brain, which is responsible for logical, sequential, rational, analytical and objective behavior, then you practice very little of right brain which is responsible for random, intuitive, subjective and holistic thoughts.

The less you will prefer the less you will practice, the less you will practice the less you will understand, the less you will understand the less you will practice. This way it results in only partial practice of the brain. It is same with all varied issues subject to brain functions.

In financial aspect, if you are overgenerous and making no savings then you won't be able to make any investment and hence no profits will be earned; without profits you again won't be able to make any savings hence no investments. The cycle repeats. The vicious cycle.

You are unhappy because you eat (gaining extra weight, muscles and lethargy) . You eat because you are unhappy. You are irritated frequently because you are unhappy and you are unhappy because you irritate. Its vicious and never ending emotional cycle.

In business ventures, if you are making no investments then you will have poor product line, because of poor product line, the venture faces reduction in investments, reduced sale and profit margins. Due to this, cost cutting and increased dividends are employed. This results into reduced employee wages, minimal training and inferior products. It results into employee dissatisfaction, incompetence and high employee turnover and the business fails to understand the needs of the customer. It loses market share and consequently profits and again in the vicious cycle of no investments.

If you don't focus on your goals and purpose of life you will deviate from the anticipated results. You don't find the results then you are muddled up with your modus operandi and gradually find no way to go, then it will become more difficult to you to find and freeze your goals.

In case of external influences, we have very little or no control over them and in the process of impairment caused by external influences, certain internal influences are ignited at different points. Proper management of internal influences could be the tool for handling the cumulative effects in a healthy manner to avoid full-size damage. The improvement lies in moderating internal influences to the level of harmonization which is addressed under the Macro and Micro aspects of life in point-4 Identification and Cultivation of Common Sense.

If you are facing hurdles may be lay off, unemployment, bankruptcy, natural calamity, illness and so on, then you develop anger, ambition or greed and consequently a distorted paradigm about life. And when these influences are animated, they turn the situation worse. To set the things right, they consequently need external intervention and analogous receptacles for them in the recipient; in the absence of them, the vicious cycle traps to the end point.