Have you ever experienced a traffic jam?

Something similar happens in our minds when we are faced with certain situations in life. In such situations we need the ability to see the things as they are, settle on the best way of dealing with them and then take the calculated action. All in a composed way, without getting displeased, disappointed, offended and troubled and providing the same cover to others as well.

And this we can do only by practicing Common Sense.

All the people surviving in the world are somehow different from each other, in various degrees, on different factors like gender, race, ethnicity, educational background, age, thinking style, approach, family status, religion, culture, personality, strength & weaknesses and so on. This we know well and can experience in each instance and transaction of our day-to-day life. But one thing embedded deep inside us is consistent that we all love and care for a few people and we don't want to lose a few things in our lives.

On the other hand, to the same extent, it is also true that we have a value system; expressed or unexpressed, implied or unimplied (appendix A) and we don't like to do what we don't find right or are against our value system.

To make the point clear, we request you to please cooperate and imagine the things truly as are being requested to you. It will help you to have you, your own specific solution.

Just think about the persons you really want to keep in your life forever.

Give one minute time to every person; think about each one of them for a minute; brush up the importance and vitality of the relationship.

Now, think about the things you value most. (appendix B)

Think about your connectivity, with these things; the deep root connectivity the purpose behind!

Feel the unique association of such persons and things separately and then collectively.

This was the revival of something you live subconsciously.


Hope, it would have been an enriching feeling but it also creates an encumbrance.

So let's give vent to it.

What would be the better place than hills of Himachal, India? Will Shimla do?

Imagine yourself in Shimla; surrounded by green pastures and snow capped peaks, spectacular and beautiful landscapes.

Your company is your loved ones (think of them again), roaming green valleys to fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain, lakes, temples and monasteries; You are feeling the joy of life.

It's getting dark and you are walking back to your stay place with your beloved ones.




Two miscreants come your way and take all of you on their gun point.

You too have your gun in inside pocket. They demand all what you people have.

You have two straight options; one is to do what is being told and the second is to use your gun.

Using first option, there is no guarantee that they will leave you people safe, using second option, it may end in casualty, may be full one of your side.

What could be and should be the decision of the moment?

It will depend on the dominant value of the moment, the experiences and learnings of life.

How these values, experiences and learnings turn into decision?

How can we know, whether it is right or not?

How could it be approved?

Who will approve whether it is correct or not?

What are the parameters for testing the correct decision?

Think for a while!


We have a central sense, we recognize or not but it's there. It has the capacity to lead us towards particular decision in a particular situation.

And this central sense itself is known as Common Sense.

We encounter such small or big situations almost everyday and each decision made in response contributes to the end results of our life. It can be about work life and professional relationships, environment, friends & family, health and diet, illness, education, marriage, parenting, money and enumerable such issues associated with life. You can not escape from these issues, better is to respond in time. Otherwise they go grave.

Common Sense is the ability of mankind favoring them to make good judgments.

The purpose of Common Sense is to bring attainment, harmony and peace.

There was a boy, one day he stole some money from neighborhood. His mother didn't say anything. Boy thought it is no wrong and made other stealing and this became his habit, ultimately turning him a connman and criminal. He has been caught by police and ordered to be executed by court. On the day of execution when he was being brought to hang up, he saw his mother crying in mob. He pleaded his last wish to meet the mother.

He went to mother, and said: Neither I nor you could understand the rights and the wrongs, the good and the bad. Please tell the world the story of our foolishness so that they don't make same mistakes what we made.

We are sometimes not able to see the things as they are and consequently are unable to set the actions. So the things don't happen as they should have and this brings dissatisfaction and disharmony.

The purpose of Common Sense is to give decisions a broader scope;  good in favor of all.